di Umberto Pelizzari e Stefano Tovaglieri

...The aspiring apneist, standing in the shallow end of the pool, stretched his arms downwards and lowered his shoulders (... as if this is the way to relax!) with a perplexed expression that became truly dejected when the instructor gave him the command: "Don't hyperventilate!" The student looked at him with an air of demoralization that seemed to say "Well what can I do then?" This small episode demonstrates the educational gaps of modern apnea. ... This manual was created to cover such a gap and to become a tool of communication between student and teacher. ... For years we have accumulated contributions from those that teach apnea, until at the end we found ourselves with something approaching a manual that formed the original nucleus of this book. Maybe from these pages will be born a future champion, someone who will succeed in writing his name in the history of apnea, however our goal will be realised if with this book we succeed in transferring the 'pleasure of water,' the awareness that apnea is within reach of everyone and that it is a way of regaining contact with our aquatic roots, a way of living well with oneself and with others. Above all, for our part we will feel fulfilled if with this work we manage to infect the reader with at least a small part of our passion for the sea and for apnea. ...Manual of Freediving does not take the place of an instructor. Don't make the error of thinking it is enough to read these pages before confronting the sea. Consider instead that you have at your disposal a new learning instrument that you can adapt to your use, according to your technical level and to your ability in the water. We have built a sort of teaching path, beginning with the theory (fi rst and second parts) and fi nishing with the practical (third part). However each reader may use and read this manual according to their own curiosity and needs... Umberto Pelizzari Stefano Tovaglieri

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